BNB Chain is scheduled to conduct a hard fork called Planck on April 12, in order to improve the security proposed in BEP-171 for the network’s cross-chain bridge.

The important hard fork called Planck of BNB Chain is scheduled to be implemented at block 27,281,024, on April 12. This upgrade is intended to enhance the security, performance, interoperability and stability of the network, the development team said.

The hard fork was presented in the BEP-171 proposal, which aims to upgrade the cross-chain bridge between Beacon Chain and Smart Chain – two blockchains operating in parallel in BNB Chain.

The Planck upgrade will move from IAVL to a more secure security mechanism, known as ICS23. In addition, the upgrade also adds a timer lock feature for high-value cross-chain asset transfer orders, as well as automatically suspending transactions when detecting abnormal signs or in emergencies such as hacks.

To ensure a smooth transition, the BNB Chain team called on all stakeholders to work together in preparation. In it, node operators are required to download v1.1.21 to activate the hard fork.