Mad Lads fever and the return of Solana NFT

Solana NFT is once again in the spotlight with the extremely successful launch of Mad Lads NFT.


  • Since the collapse of the FTX/Alameda Research empire in late 2022, the Solana ecosystem has been in global trouble.

The projects revolved around the Solana system, others failed to fork the project, leading to inactivity, so they had to change Twitter shill memecoins like Serum (SRM); people have to “move home” to Ethereum like NFT DeGods.

It seemed that Solana would gradually recede, but in recent days, the keyword “Solana NFT” has once again taken over the community when the NFT Mad Lads collection caused a big “seismic”.


  • Solana’s xNFT invention

Mad Lads appeared introduced to the community the concept of an executable xNFT (Executable NFT) or NFT. According to Solana’s introductory blog post, xNFT is a kind of hybrid web3 application – not just an app, nor just a website.


  • Mad Lads Fever NFT
If the above tech information seems too confusing, then let’s go back to the arrival of Mad Lads.
Mad Lads is a collection of 10,000 NFT pieces, backed by Backpack – the Solana wallet app pioneered by xNFT innovation. Mad Lads is the first collection built by Backpack with this technology.
Representing Backpack and Mad Lads are veteran KOLs who have a voice in the Solana NFT community. They have been constantly shilling, hinting, teasing about this collection for months to create curiosity.
The minting of Mad Labd took place on April 21, although there were some unfortunate technical problems but could not stop the hype of the community.
Mad Lads has more transactions, 24 hours of buying/selling than all the top 20 NFTs on Ethereum combined.