The economic calendar and important events for the second week of April.

Kicking off the important events for this week will be the World Bank and IMF meetings, which will be held continuously for a week. Alongside this, the main focus will be on the release of the US CPI and PPI indices on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively, as this news is important in determining the interest rate hike in May.

Canada will also announce its interest rates this week, and China will release its CPI and PPI, so there is a high possibility of volatility. Keep an eye on the calendar to stay informed.

April 11 – 3:15 – New York Fed President (FOMC Standing Voting Committee participates in an economic discussion)
April 11 – 8:30 – China announces CPI, PPI
April 12 – 0:30 – US Chicago Fed President speaks
April 12 – 5:00- US Philadelphia Fed President speaks on US economic outlook.
April 12 – 19:30 – US publishes CPI(y/y) US, CPI (core)(y/y)
April 12 – 20:00 – Governor of the Bank of England speaks
April 12 – 21:00 – Canada announces interest rate decision
April 12 – 21:30 – EIA Release – US Crude Oil Inventories, EIA – US Cushing Crude Oil Inventory
April 13 – 1:00 – US Government Budget Announcement
The Fed releases the minutes of its monetary policy meeting
April 13 – 11:45 – Germany publishes CPI
April 13 – 19:30 – US publishes PPI, core PPI and Number of people applying for unemployment benefits for the first time
April 14 – 19:30 – US Retail Sales(mm) release, US Retail Sales
April 14 – 20:15- Announcement of Industrial Output (MoM), Manufacturing Industry (MoM) US